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Bob Welcome recommends Affiliate funnel

Hello, how are you today.

This system allows you to build your own list, traffic, business, and brand your name and face while mainly using traffic exchanges.

List of exchanges

There is a list of exchanges displayed which you can join and surf for hits to your own Affiliate funnel page. When new people join your list they then have the option of joining the traffic exchanges from your link.

You will find that some people are already members of some of these exchanges. All they need to do is enter their existing ID within the “Traffic Exchanges” section of the back office. They will join other exchanges as well and will be in your downline in those.

Promote your own business if you wish

You can promote other businesses of your own from within the site including your existing affiliate programs. You will see these programs under the “Your Programs” heading.

However, if you are new to the internet and do not have any other programs yet, then you have the option of adding the programs from within the site to your business.

That is up to you, and as you can see you are not forced to promote particular programs with this system.

No matter which programs you settle for, you really do need to add some good programs to your portfolio and build them into a profitable position.

Join exchanges and update your Affiliate Funnel HQ

Firstly, you must join as many as you think feasible and add your link and update it within the Funnel website. If you do not update the list with your ID’s new people signing up will have an upline referrer and not you.

Upgrade Facility

There is an upgrade facility bonus which Affiliate Funnel has negotiated with the traffic exchanges.

Firstly, you are able to upgrade for free for the first month in nearly all cases, and after that you may remain as a pro member at a discounted rate.

Upgrading to Pro Member

You will have to decide how far your budget will stretch, but generally speaking becoming a pro member in as many traffic exchanges as possible will maximise your traffic very quickly.

As your business and downline grows you will begin to receive extra credits from their surfing. You can then use these credits towards the promotion of your affiliate programs or products.

Basically, when your downlines become large enough in a number of programs your promotion will be on autopilot. But, you need to put in some good solid work before you will get to this point.

Decide what you want and keep working towards that goal, no matter if it seems somewhat slow for a while.

What happens, is that while branding your name and face, you will become familiar to other people. They may not always join in with you straight away. You will find that some people will join with you 2, 3, 4, or even 12 months later after recognizing you again. That is why branding your name and face are very important.

They need to see that you are committed to this business and that you will be there to support them after they sign on.

You can always contact me for further information from the form at the bottom of this page.

Affiliate Funnel Upgrade

You will need to upgrade in affiliate funnel so that you can make the best use of the whole package.

The one thing about this program is the feature whereby you are able to market the affiliate programs which you choose and not the ones contained within the program.

If the programs already listed are favourable to you then you can add them to your marketing arsenal.

Autoresponder system

The auto responder system is listed within the Affiliate Funnel site as well and is a very important part of building your list and your business.

You need to register with one of these systems so that you can add your list building system to your website (if you have one).

Once you decide to join with me you can obtain your list building auto responder test drive system here.

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Yes, I am an affiliate of this auto responder system. You can be an affiliate also and promote it the same way as I am doing here. No secrets, this is it.

What you need to do

The overall picture highlights that you need your own website/s and also to brand your name and face.

You can either ignore traffic exchanges altogether and build your websites with good content and obtain free search engine traffic through proper use and positioning of keywords, or you can do both, (which is what I do).

Of course, all the required systems needed to build websites and traffic through the exchanges will always be available to you.

Have a look at a website building Branding Video here.

Search Engine Positioning proof for this website

Here’s some real proof about how pages of this website rank at “GOOGLE”.

For my page at

A google search for the word “webbizinsider” presently shows at number 10 on the first page of results.

A google search for the words “webbizinsider traffic” presently shows at NO 1.

A google search for the words “traffic webbizinsider” presently shows at NO 4.

This page was only submitted to the search engines about two months ago.

These positions change periodically.

Shortly this “affiliate funnel” page will begin to show some rankings. However, it usually takes a couple of weeks at least to go through the process of submitting, spidering and listing.

The website system that I recommend does all of these jobs automatically, after you have built and analysed your page.

Don’t worry if this seems foreign to you, you will progressively learn and I am here to help you build your site.

Please do not think that there is no work to do. There is a lot of work required to build a website and keep adding pages (just like this one you are reading now).

Time an Effort

An online business requires that you put in consistent effort and time, just like a business down the road which opens from 9 to 5 and where the owner waits for the customers to walk in.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are people with systems and websites on the internet which have grown over time and it is relatively easy for them to implement new businesses.

Affiliate funnel is able to supply you with consistent traffic to the website of your choice.

Because of this they are able to generate heaps of dollars in short periods of time. But it is a learning curve that everyone has to take and when and if you are near to the top you will be able to initiate similar projects.

To Summarize

You need:-

To Brand your name and face.

Your own website/s - An all in one Hosting, Building and Marketing system for less than a dollar a day.

To Build your own list

Traffic Building systems / Affiliate Funnel


Home Business affiliate revenue information

Home business affiliate revenue information will supply you with business and traffic building systems. Identify your immediate goals and use these systems and tools to reach them.

Elect to build your traffic generation machine with Affiliate Funnel. Concentrate on adding affiliates to all of your traffic exchanges and your daily hits will grow.

Have a Question

Please type your questions about “Affiliate Funnel” or anything else into the “contact me” box at the bottom of the page and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

That’s a promise.

Cheers, Bob.


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